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Monday, November 19, 2007

Their Creations

yup that what the Dr's at the clinic said about my boys with bug smiles on their faces.
1st Dr S the one the helped us get pg and when she left the room she must of mentioned us to Dr O because he came knocking on the door peaked in (he was dressed in his scrubs)and said I just wanted to see "my" Creations with a big ole grin and rubbing his hands together. Then he said here for a girl now are I said yup we can try right...and try we will.

So I got my prescription for clomid 100mg and they will call me tomorrow to let me know when I start IVIG. She is also sending me for a u/s and a day 3 blood test. She said she really thought I'd go further with Ri's pg but was not to surprised that I had him at 33w she said that is all part in having a Unicornuate Uterus.

The boys were really good other then O trying to take a toy car hummer from the clinic I had to pretend we were taking and just placed and the chair before we left out the office door. Since we have been home he has been signing and asking for the car.

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ShielaLee said...

Sending all of the *PINK* thoughts, vibes, support, etc that I have your way!! Good luck my friend!