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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

One IVIG down 2 more to go

unless I become pregnant then it will be 7 to 10 more to go.

I woke up late 9am, well Ri woke to eat a 5:30 am (I think he is going thru a growth spurt) and we went back to bed thinking I'd be up with the boys at 8am, no everyone decided to sleep in.
I woke looked at the clock and it was 9am I jumped out of bed got dressed real quick then Ri started to wake so I woke DH to care for him. Went down stairs to call the Blood Clinic (I need to call ahead for then to get my gamma ready before I get there) time 9:15am I am out the door at 9:30am. Went thru Tim Horton's drive thur got a butter Carmel smoothie (yum yum) and a chocolate chip muffin a treat day for me. Arrive at the hospital at 10am went up to the day medicine area and Shirley the clerk said Awe your back nice to see ya. Gave me my chart and I sat and waited for the nurses. Got to my spot pick out my seat and the nurse gave me my IV hooked to the saline, my gamma has not arrived yet and so I waited and waited. 1hr later the nurse phoned down again and well surprise surprise they mispalced my "order" 20min later it was upstairs and I was hooked up time 11:30am. I had to try to be out of there at 1pm so they and the drip set at the fastest for my weight (when it goes fast it sometimes makes my arm ache) my are was cold because it was going fast. Had to call dh to let him know that I was going to be later then we hoped but it all worked out because he had no clients booked yet so I did not have to rush as much. As I was waiting this guy walks into the room I looked at him and well I knew him so I said Hi F he looked at me a nit stunned and said my two worlds are not suppose to He is our/my dh accountant and he is also part of the management for that area of the nurses..small world.

An elderly lady came in and she to had to wait a long time for her "order". Must of been a bad day for the blood Then an older gent came in sat next to the lady and she pulled out this book "The Diva and the Rancher" the nurse commented on it and the guy said what book it is and then said oh yes that was a very good friend of mine. What is the odds of that

Anyways I got home at 3pm the boys were good for daddy.

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ShielaLee said...

I hope this is quick and successful for you guys!!! Best of luck!