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Saturday, November 24, 2007

Back to being poked poked and POKED....

As you know I went to the Fertility clinic the other day and she gave me a requisition form for an u/s and blood test, the nurse later phones me on my cell and asks if I can go get a different blood test done so they can give me the proper dose for the IVIG. Lil O watched as mommy got poked he even said ah ohhhhhhh mama. So that is done but I still have to go for the other (day 3 blood test) when AF arrives.

The clinic nursed called the next day and asked me what my weight was so I had to sneak into my master bathroom (Ri was asleep in the room) and weigh myself I am 120lbs (Did I just tell you she said she'd call me right back with the time for my IVIG. Did not take long and my 1st appointment is for Monday at 10am, now I need to find a good book to read since I am going to be sitting there for at least 2.5hours.

Once again I want to say thanks to those who donate blood because if it were not for you IVIG would not be an option for us and that would mean no babies for us... So a BIG thanks and a pat on the back.

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