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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Where should I start......

Ok .... Most of my family knows now, other then my sister in Ont. that my mum reminded me to call.

My sis J was on the phone with me when she opened her e-mail. It took what felt like forever for the pic to load on her computer, when it finally did she read it like .....I' here)"OMG! Oh Y this is a great way to tell the news.

I had to call my mum and B(10am, I know mum is normally up between 7-8), when B answered he said I saw your news and it is wonderful, them my mum came on she was all happy. B told me later when I came back from my IVIG, that he woke at 7am (which he does not do) let the dogs out then decided to check his email and saw one from me and thought what cute pic of Orion is she sending as it opened he said he had to read it like 4 times before it sunk in then he said he had the biggest smile. SO he snuck back upstairs to mum who was still asleep and he whispered in her ear "I know something you don't know" and gave her hints till she got it..

Then my other sis H phones me from her work asking "So it's 2weeks now are you pg?" I said you have to check you email when you get home, she said It is to dang(not the word she used) slow and probably won't load" then I told her that J was going to tell her to come over to look at it. so she said your I said look at the

My niece calls from her cell and screams "YEAH!, oh it's T by the" she is all excited and is hoping for a girl.

My sis H calls back later and said I knew it, I knew it she is happy too.


1 IVIG down 6 more to go. When I went to the Day Medicine at the Hospital they ended up putting me in a room with people that could be my The way they looked at me when I walked in the wonder in there eyes, then the nurses would walk up to me and say "this can only mean one thing? "YUP"....."Congratulations they'd say" and as they walked away the other patients looked at me with more
My blood pressure through out the 2.5 hrs was: 120/70 , 110/70, 106/67, then 110/70.
When the IVIG was down boy did my left arm hurt again it was so hard to straiten it.
I read a book the whole time right now I am reading Summer Sisters by Judy Blume ( an author I loved as a

2 HCG Betas down 13 more to go.
I called the clinic today for my Monday results and when Nurse A called back she said my numbers are appropriate.....what appropriate, I need #'s... She said today's draw will let her know better and she will give me the numbers tomorrow....What again? I can not have the numbers from Monday today? I am thinking I got my #'s with Orion no problem, just goes to show everyone works differently. Hopefully I get the "appropriate" #'s tomorrow..

I am ready for bed and it is only 9:23pm, Good Night all.

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