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Saturday, August 12, 2006

11 months

I can not believe he is almost one already..... where did it go?

Week 48

The beginning of the last month of your baby's first year. A year ago you thought it would never end,(so far from the truth) now you are probably wondering where the time went. Time flies when you are having fun right? Or so they sayÂ… (and they were right)

This is probably a bigger month for you than for your baby. Your baby doesn't understand the concept of time, and for a couple more years at least, his birthday really won't mean much to him. However, many moms feel a touch of the "baby blues" as it gets closer to their baby turning a year old. If you find yourself in this position, try to find support in other moms, possibly from a play group, who are having the same thoughts and feelings you are.

What Your Baby Might Be Doing

Your baby and his appetite will go through many changes. About this point his appetite might drop, while his interest in food rises.(this has started to happen) A baby on average triples their birth weight by their first birthday, but only gains a few pounds between their first and second. Don't worry about your baby not eating enough, he will eat all he needs, and will learn early how to stop when he is full.

What You Might Be Concerned About

Everyone around you is excited about your baby's first birthday party that is just around the corner. Everyone but you that is. You might be more concerned about over stimulating your baby, and you have good reason to be.

Even a baby that knows everyone who attends his birthday might find himself a bit overwhelmed at having everyone there at the same time. Keep the guest list down to a select few, or better yet, have a couple of parties, one for family and one for friends. Keep the décor toned down as well. Remember, you baby doesn't understand or need a lot, and it is more for you and your guests at this point.

Make sure you plan the party at a good time for baby. Don't plan it for early afternoon, if you know your baby generally naps then. If he is overtired, he will not have a good time. Don't be afraid to let him eat and play in his cake. Many parents will choose to have two cakes, a small one for the baby to destroy, because he will destroy it if given the chance, and a bigger one for the party guests. Stay away from the clowns and other big "guests" for at least this year.

I have updated his photo gallery so check it out, click on his pic to the right ----->

So what is Orion really up to:

- He still just says Dada no matter how many times I say Mama to him Dada comes out of his mouth.
- He pulls himself up while holding on to my hands.
- He walks while holding our hands (and he is very proud of it)
- Finally starting to figure out that he can put food in his mouth with his own hands (well sort of, the food ends up in his palm which happens to end up in a fist he puts it to his mouth but not but 95% of the time it does not end up in his mouth because that fist will not open...)
- He tries to mimic the cats when they meow.
- He sleeps for 11.5hrs at night goes to bed at 8pm wakes at 7:30am (been doing that since he was 7.5months)
- He does not like it when I leave the room (how dare I)

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