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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Please, what are the names of these flowers(UPDATE)

I know people are reading my blog because my count has gone up... (hope my comment section is so please let me know you stopped on by even if you don't know any

I planted some seeds that I had hanging around and these are what came up, I think I found a couple but would like to know what the others are.

(Click on the thumbnails to see bigger pic)

#1) I think this is a Celosia

#2) I think Bells of Ireland?

#3) No clue what these are, kind of neat tho... Pretty
I have been told that this is ~ "Love in a mist" .... botanical name Nigella

#4) No clue again, pretty tho
"Bachelor Button" or cornflower, and botanical name is Centaurea

I know this one it is a Silver Mound

thanks, I have been on the internet trying to find some of these, I have had no

Thanks to those that left a post...


Anonymous said...

Yes, indeed, in fact I come in here and nose around regularly. the number four plants look like a type of carnation. Check out and post the pictures on Chatelaine forum sites, the posters there are quite helpful. Love watching the little cousin growing so fast and strong.
love Gisele

Emily said...

Hiya, I've been lurking for a week or two as well - guilty!! And no idea about plants, sorry.

Anonymous said...

Try lookin up the flower Love in a Mist for number 3, I think that may be it. Number four try dianthus.