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Saturday, August 19, 2006

Ah lets talk about POAS

For those of us that have been TTC for a long time with infertility issues that little HPT stick becomes your intimate friend, well you come obsessed with it I POAS on 10 dpo and saw nothing. White, white, white no evap line whatsoever.

POAS 11 dpo (probably about 1hr after I did) this is what I see, I put an arrow just in case for those how don't have the eye to (told you obsessively line watching.)

POAS this morning 12 dpo and this is what I see just after 10 minutes (another arrow to help you out) temp is still up at 37.1 (and normally at 12dpo my temps start to drop, they have not yet)

Yes I know all about evap lines but with these test I looked back on old ones and I do not see any evap lines, then I asked some people on a message board I am on and they too have never seen any evap line on there test either.....
not sure what to think and you can bet I will POAS again real soon.

I told myself I was not going to do this OBSESS but I caved and tested and well now I am addicted. I am addicted to P'ingOAS. I am not getting my hope up to high.

NO my family does not know this yet, I don't need to drive them crazy with my addiction especially it nothing comes of it, so those that know them don't say a word..... (
no they do not read this blog, I gave them the opportunity once long time ago and they never read it they deleted the link.... not realizing what the link was for)

Here is my temp chart:

aka Days past Ovulating

POAS aka Pee on a stick (hpt ~ home pregnancy test)

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LynAnne said...

Just dont try and confirm it with one of the digital tests. I won't get into my reasons but I HATE DIGITAL HPTs! Save your pee and your money. (oh so bad)