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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Road trip ......

We went on our 1st road trip with Orion. My mum Orion and I went to an old friend of mine Wedding in North Battleford SK. We left here at 10:44am and arrived there are 8pm not to bad for having a wee guy and getting

The signs in SK are not very well put in my opinion, either they were missing or so far into the intersection that we could not see them plus you never got a warning as for the turn coming up till you were on it, so much for sharp turns. When we were to turn on route 21 I did not see any route signs till it said route 60 (ah can you say way past the turn we were almost into Saskatoon a few miles past North Battleford. I stayed calm, I figured we will get there eventually and this was Friday the wedding was not till 3pm on Saturday so we had a few hours.

We finally made it to the Inn got settled in went and got Mc D's for supper then we went to sleep around 11pm. Around 1am you could hear this loud music (you can tell it was from a car) and of course it pulls up in front of our door they honk the horn and get out laughing, I could hear people talking and giggling then 1/2hr they get back into the car and honk twice (*&*%&#) ok they are leaving fall back to sleep, 2:15am they are back and once again honking there horn playing loud music they did not stay long again and left honking the horn again...... I was growling at this my mum was not impressed and Orion was still sleeping. Fall back to sleep again ... 3am they are back and yup honking again talking loud so I get up and call the front desk to ask if they had security she said no so I told her that we have some rowdies either in room 114 or 113 not to sure and they keep honking there horn and playing music, she said she'd call the rooms and also the RCMP. after that all was quiet....awe sleep finally..... One lesson learned out of all that is that Orion sleeps threw

Got to the wedding it was a beautiful day she was a beautiful bride (well she has always been a beautiful girl) her two boys walked her down the isle holding up her dress for her as she walked across the path to the grass. She walked up to her future held his hand said there vows and sealed it with a kiss

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here is Orion with my mum all dressed for the occasion:
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silly me forgot his hat in the car.

here is my friend and I
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I myself preffer to be behind the camera not in front of it.

All in all it was a nice day for a wedding.

Mum and I drove back Sunday morning and guess what we got lost (we came back a certain way and got lost in the big city that is 3hrs from my home. I have not been there in ages so the roads I thought I knew were closed off so I just drove around waiting for a sign to let me know what way to go...... ah we saw one which lead us to another closed road but I followed the other cars in front of me and then I saw another sign for HWY #2 that is what I wanted...... We made it home at 9pm, safe and sound. Orion was such a good boy threw out the whole trip never complained much only when hungry and a dirty diaper.

Once again I am so blessed with this little man in my life.

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