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Saturday, August 19, 2006

My POAS update....

Orion and I were going swimming today with grandma and granpa, well I just had to go to Wlamart before getting to there house I had to get that HPT, I bought CBE (Clear Blue Easy & One Step (because that one was but still bought the 2.

I drive to my mums house by the time I get there I have put the HPT in my shorts pocket so they would not see it, when she came out I said please watch the boy I need to PEE as I dash by her. I get in the bathroom rip open the test and wonder what am I going to do with the wraping so I inspect it to make sure nothing says pregnacy test on it (it did not) so in the garbage it went. So mid strim I POA(the)S it came up looking like a negitive and I just sat there and stared at it, then what do I see change right before my eye..... YES, YES...a +, a BFP ...... OMG!!!! now what do I do?
Stick the test back into my pocket and act like nothing has changed. Later my mum asked me if I was pg yet my response was not too sure yet (well I was not sure...ok denial) said should know by the end of next week. The whole night she kept talking about I am looking at Orion thinking Oh MY he is going to be a big brother (if everything works out right).

When I got home tonight, I told dh I am going to POAS (He does not now about the other 5tests) he was like OK Then.... and here it is still a BFP (no need for arrows

Dh asked me if I am ready I said yes and no...... I am excited and scared.

Oh gosh here we go again...

I will be calling the clinic on Monday and they will set me up with the IVIG and most likely an U/S to make sure baby in in my Uterus.....

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