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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Prayers for another friend....

I feel like that is all I am doing lately is praying for friends because something is wrong, and I don't pray much (I really have mixed feelings about praying) but here I am asking for some for a friend.

She got a call from her Dr office about her unborn son, he has a cyst on his brain CPC which is a choroid plexus cyst. It's a cyst on the brain basically. In itself it doesn't cause any problems and the cysts usually resolve themselves by 24 weeks, BUT it is an indicator for Trisomy 18. Only 1-2% of normal babies have these cysts, while over 40% of trisomy 18 babies have them. The baby didn't have any other signs of trisomy 18 on the ultrasound, but the tech was only able to visualize one hand. Please pray that on Friday she get so good results from her amino.

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