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Sunday, August 20, 2006

Names.....No we are not jumping the "gun"

About 5 nights ago (before I even tested) a boys name came to me. We had Orion's name picked and even our girls name picked before we ever started TTC. For so long I have trying to come up with another boys name that has the same letters as his daddy grandad and gr-grandad (all on dh side) this is the name that came to me........... Rilon (Rye-lun)

When I told dh this today he said he liked it, he kept repeating it and kept saying he is liking it more and more. So it is looking like Rilon will be our next son if this one is a boy.

Oh and DH came home with one red rose tonight (I will get a pick later) He has bought me a rose for every special events in our lives started with our 1st date (which I still have today).

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I love that name! You guys are so creative! And thanks for showing us dummies how to pronounce it, I still want to call Oh-ryan Or-e-on. I don't know why, even though you told me the correct way.