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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Parenting examples.....

I want to mention something that kind of bothered me the other day when I was at the zoo.

I went to meet a friend and her little cousins, when I parked another car drove up and parked by me. Ok so here is the story..... When I looked over at them as I was getting Orion out of the car I noticed the women had quiet the hair style and it was a light pink shade in color when she got out of the car she was also dressed different then I, when the rest of her family got out I saw the dh and he was just as "alternative" (not sure it that is the right word) as she, three kids piled out of the car and were chatting away and laughing the parents were teasing them in a fun way. I smiled at them they smiled at me and Orion and I went on our way.

Well some point at the Zoo they walked by my friend and I and a bunch of other people and some of the comments I heard from these other parents about that family's mom, I was a bit taken back because the father that made the comment "I know we came to the zoo but I did not expect a circus either" as he laughed his kids were standing right there with him. No wonder kids get these attitude towards people it is from there "arrogant" parents. To me that is not called for yes they dressed different then most of us but they are still a family still have values still have feelings, there blood is red just like ours ...... So please keep your comments to yourself and don't poison my child's views.

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