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Monday, April 09, 2007

Nurse visit

Today the nurse came to visit us (Rilon and I) to see how we are doing. She asked all the questions about postpratum and was happy with my answers. Took my blood pressure which was 106/80 she asked it that was normal I said yeah it is usually around 108. She then took Rilons heart rate 158bpm said it was a bit high but sound good, Dr's like to now if it is 160 of higher. His temp was 36.5 normal and his weight 2250kg (4lbs 15oz) tonight he should reach 5lbs. She said I make good

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Lynanne said...

After reading about your time in Regina, I can see why your are glad to be home! Also why you are exhausted. It is not easy keeping up with a toddler and newborn. Hopefully your husband will remember that even though all the focus has been on Rilon and him getting bigger/healthier, you still need lots of help and care yourself!