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Monday, April 16, 2007

What's next!

When I arrived home from Regina in the mail box waiting for me was a letter, Juror Summons.

I am to apear before the courts for jury section on Friday the 20th. I sent an application to be excused from Jury due to that I just had a baby a premature one at that and I am only breastfeeding him. Well I got a call back from them today and they tell me I still have to go to court, hope they don't mind me bringing Rilon (still debating on taking Orion with too) and I will breastfeed him in front of them all if I have to (did I mention I have to use a breast sheild too) I am so upset by this and I just know I will cry infront of the Judge. If they make me do this knowing my situation I have a strong urge to call the media and explain all that has happen since I have had my baby.

I do not think it is right of them to expect me to stop breastfeeding my infant son if they decide to choose me for Jury there are many other people in this city (1millon + in fact ) that they can choose from.

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Lynanne said...

Oh no! This happened to me when my son was a baby. I asked to be excused and they deferred my service 6 months. I was still breastfeeding, duh! It turned out I wasn't selected. Many states now have laws excusing breastfeeding moms. Too bad Canada doesn't have this. You guys are usually so far ahead!