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Monday, April 16, 2007

Orion 18m update

Ok yes he is 19months now, DH took Orion to the Appointments because I was in Regina.
His original appointment was on March 20 (we all know what I was doing that day).

DH took Orion to the Health clinic for his 18m needle and weight check (little did dh know he was getting a needle for the flu) He called in when I was in Regina and asked about what needle Orion gets, I said his card should be in the bag. He then asked about the flu shot if Orion should get it or not since it is near the end of flu season. I said tell the nurse that we just had another baby and that he is a preemie, I heard him telling the nurse this and then I heard her say on then yes he should and you to dad. Dh was like Oh ok then I guess I am getting a needle

Orion's weight was 22lbs, for some reason I thought he was heavier then that.


Orion is signing milk & eat now and almost signs water. I have 2 signing time CD's for him to watch but I can find one. He say no no, kitty, doggie, up, down, see see, light, milk, Whoa and yeah.
He is still easy to put to bed for naps and night night, love getting his teeth brushed.

What he loves at the moment:
to climb everything and I mean everything and he is fast
The pink flamigo commercial for Telus (well all the telus commecials)

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