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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Guess who is coming HOME!

Rilon, Rilon is coming home today!

When I went in yesterday the nurse said to leave all his monitors attached to him because they are checking everything to make sure he is good to go home tomorrow (which is today). I had a big smile on my face. They also came by to do the hearing test on him but they came right at his next feeding time so I took the test a bit longer because his sucking on his soother interfeard some, he passed the test.

This morning I have to put his carseat in the car. I fixed up his cradle that is in my room, diapers are bought, his clothes are all washed. Just waiting for auntie J to come over and watch Orion.

Orion either is getting a cold or it is a reaction to the needles he got a week and a half ago. He is sneezing non stop and his nose is runny.


Tammy said...

THE BEST NEWS EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so thrilled that finally,Rilon will be home where he belongs right in your arms.

Yvette... I'm in tears. You know, this is where your hoping, constantly hoping got you. Two sons. Two miracles after so much heartache and trial. I am so grateful for you two little blessings. ANd I can't wait to meet them!!! And see you again of course! Hugs from here...

ShielaLee said...

OH YVETTE!! I'm in tears! I'm so happy for you! I can't wait to hear more about your little man!