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Sunday, April 01, 2007

Birth story

As you know my water broke in the wee hours of March 20 at 4:10am...

I woke to my water breaking, it was just enough that I knew something was up. I got up to go to the washroom and it was clear fluid. I did not want to wake DH yet just in case it was not my water (you never know right... or call it I went and laid back down but 1st I put down a draw 15min later it happened again back to the washroom I go, still clear fluid. Went a laid down again looked at the time it was 4:30am I did not want to wake anyone just yet thought I'd wait till 5am. A few minutes later more water came out much more this time so I figured I should let dh know what was going on (he has been sleeping in the spare room because I have started to snore and I am pretty restless while sleeping) When I woke him his response was "your having a baby" in a really sleepy voice i was not sure if he understood what was I told him to sleep a bit longer I'd wake him when J gets here. i go down to the main floor and make a mad dash to the bathroom yet again. I call J on her cell (she said it would be on at all times ) and it went to the answering machine, I laughed in the message and said I hope you answer your home phone. She answered her home phone pretty quick and said you want me to come over (no, later she told me her dh woke to the ring of the phone and said Y is having the baby and went back to

J arrived about an 1/2 hr later time was now a little past 6am. Dh woke and we left for the Hospital, we arrived at 7am. We went up to the L/D floor I told the nurse at the desk that my water broke and I am 33w 3d pg, I was then taken in to the Pre-labour room hooked up to the machines to follow Rilon's hb and my contractions if and when they started. Now we had to wait for the Dr to arrive. dr finally arrived and asked all the questions...blah blah blah... She the checked to make sure it was my water for sure and when she inserted the thing (whatever it is called) more water came out and she said no need for me to check more that is your water that broke you are here to stay. I was then hooked up to an IV with some antibiotics to fight infection off since my water broke and no contractions as of yet. Once again they did not want me to go into labor.

I was now admitted, mum an B arrived and shortly after my sis H did too. H then asked mum if she could go into the delivery room this time instead of her. I could see mum was a bit taken back by that and I knew she really wanted to be in there but being the mum that she is she told H you can but you better take some good pics.

The NICU Dr R came to see me and explain and go over a few things about having a preemie, when I saw him I said I remember you, when you did your rounds you saw my son. He then said oh so I guess you have been there and done Then call this a re-fresher. He came back a few time to just check on me. Nurse came in to get me and move me to a labor room (I think it was the same room I had Orion in) The delivery Dr came back and checked my cervix it was 2cm this was at 2pm. She then came back around 5pm and checked again it was only 3cm, I was a bit disappointed and thought what only 3.

My contractions were starting to come every 2 to 10 min apart, which was frustrating. It was when I finally sat on the birthing ball that they started to become regular and hurt more they were 3 to 4min apart. As I am bouncing and rocking on the ball I could here dh and my mum playing a game on his phone. H was rubbing my back. She and dh would switch. Around 9pm my nurse came in to see me and saw that my contractions were intense so she went to see if she could find the Dr to check me, when the nurse came back she said that she saw they planned on coming to check me at 10pm, I then had another contraction the nurse then said I think I need to check you myself now(9:30pm). When she did I was at 8cm, she left to find the Dr, NICU team and the epidural guy when she came back she said they were already in with another delivery.... I moaned and said so I guess no epidural for me...lucky me as another contraction took a hold of me. Nurse left the room to check on other patients.

My contractions were came faster and harder now and then I had the huge urge to push when I told Dh this he ran for the nurse she came running in saying that is a good thing to come and get me, said the NICU team was still in the other delivery. Nurse checked my cervix again and said you are there your 10cm I need to find some Dr's. She came back with a Dr for me and 2 others for Rilon. By this time I was squeezing H's hand and arm so hard I was in so much pain dh was rubbing my back. The dr and the nurse were telling me not to push yet ( I was wanting to scream and say you try not to push when he is fighting his way down and out)The nurse then came and took over from H and was talking me thru my contractions telling me to breathe thru the pain ( I was ready to crawl off the bed and climb the walls to try and get out of there but I new the pain would follow) DH thought I was going to fall off the bed by the way I was panting & wiggling about. They then had me on my back dh and the nurse both had a leg I was squeezing both of there hands the dr was finally telling me to push,by this time my eyes were so heavy I could not keep them open, Rilon's head was right there they held the mirror up for me to see but I just could not keep my eyes open to watch. I believe 4 pushes later his head was out and wiggling around and again Dr was telling me not to push (what...OMG! was she kidding, almost impossible) but I fought hard not to and I mean fought hard.
I then heard the Dr say get a towel for mom as soon as the towel was on my belly Dr said gentle pushes and then he was out and cry that beautiful sound (11:24pm) What a sight to see my new son.

He cried a few time when the Dr's were checking him over. Once again I had to remind my family to go take photos of Mum and H were both able to stay and watch the delivery, I guess when things started to happen and with now NICU team they forgot that they were in the room. They nurse brought Rilon over to me and placed him in my arms, I was having a hard time keeping my eyes open to look at him. Dh came over and was checking Rilon out too, I started to feel very tired my eyes were so droopy that I said to Dh to take Rilon from my arms because I can not stay awake. I remember Dh taking him and I remember seeing Dh in the corner holding Rilon up to his face and smiling then my eyes closed. I heard the Drs say lets take him to the NICU you all can come if you want then the room was quiet. My nurses shift was over she said she was glad I delivered because she would not be able to sleep.

The new shift nurse came in and brought me some toast to eat, I was so hungry and so tired that I was falling asleep eating. I just gave up eating and closed my eyes and that is when Dh my mum and sis came back (I just was not going to get The nurse then got a wheelchair for me and wheel me to meet my son. Once again I remember sitting at Rilons bedside fighting to keep my eyes open. Once I was in my room and everyone left I was out like a light.

I never did get Rilon's Apgar score. I also did not need any stitches I only ended up with one teeny tiny tear.

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