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Friday, April 20, 2007

Childhood memories???

As I sit pumping my breast milk for Rilon, Orion is sitting and looking at me with these 2 things attached to my breasts and for some reason today as I stare at my son staring at me I began to wonder "will he remember this vision of me" god I hope
When I start pumping Orion comes running making the milk sign with his hand and says ilk then he stops and stares or sits beside me in his highchair and he sways to the swooshing sound it makes. He will look at me and giggle. Sometimes it even makes him fall asleep.... swoosh swoosh swoosh...
. I even get sleepy.

Here is my "milking" station at home, right now it is my most intimate friend.

Part of my storage of milk (that is not even half of it, there is lots more in the deep freezer in the basement..

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