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Monday, April 23, 2007

From Breastfeeding & pumping to just

pumping. I think I am just used to pumping, breastfeeding seems more of a hassle for me (yes odd I know). Because when pumping I have to do it every 3hrs (120min total in a day or 6 20 minute pumps)

When I breastfeed Rilon he can take over an hour and I still have to give him more from the bottle. So to me why should I sit an hour + if I can give him a bottle in 15min and he is full and happy not frustrated because he still wants more, then pump for 20min,yup pumping it is. He is still getting breastmilk no need to feel guilty about it right but yet I do but I also felt guilty breastfeed
because it took that time away from Orion too. You know I have come to narrow it down that feeling guilty is part of being a mommy (a big part).


Here is a pic of my boys when the were just a week old:



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