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Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Still struggling to keep

pumping or not. I feel so guilty when I think about stopping. It is just so draining (no pun intended) I feel guilty because I was able to pump for lil O for almost 6 months, and feel guilty because Like a fellow Bogger (citygirltales) says "I love giving my baby breastmilk. But I hate what I have to do to get it. I will probably always regret that I have to give her formula, but I won't regret no longer having to be chained to the pump for hours a day, or having to listen to or see her squealing happily alone on her playmat while I sit three feet away bonding with a pair of plastic cones"

I hate how it takes away my time from my babies and I hate having to stop in the middle of things to pump, time my day outs around pumping, I practacly fall asleep at the table while I pump. And with summer coming I do not want to be attached to something when I should be outside playing with my boy(s).

Just how much longer should I continue on with it it the question.

I will admit that I feel like my dh would think differently of me for stopping (that is just me thinking that) which is wrong because he says whatever I want to do is fine with him, Ri has already got the best part of the breastmilk and the formula is not so bad now.

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Mom101 said...

Found you through the babyblogorama site (we have the same due week...although mine is still not here) and felt compelled to comment.

You don't know me from Eve, but I can only say I am seeing about four excellent reasons here to stop pumping--most importantly, the time it will give you to be a mom to your babies.

Take it or leave it. Just a friendly stranger on the internet giving you the support for doing whatever it is you feel you need to do.