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Friday, May 18, 2007

camera action....

Dh bought me a mini Digital camcorder, he gave it to me on mothers day.

backtrack here:

I woke up on Mothers Day not expecting anything from him (he grew up not celebrating these kind of days) I am slowly getting use to it and realizing they are just another day (I will get into that later) so my day was good I get the boys ready to go for dinner to my Sis J house my mum and other sis H are there too and the rest of the family. I get in the door and my sis H takes Orion and disappears I think nothing of she and O come around the corner and he is caring a plant, me being clueless was not thinking it was for me (I thought it was for my mum, I am use to giving not receiving) I then said OH this is for
Dh arrived a bit later and as he was getting O ready for supper dh asked me to go get a bag out of the car because it should not stay outside, I thought nothing of it and went to get the bag. When I opened the trunk of his car there were a couple of bags and I thought to myself great which one so I look in the bags the 1st was a yellow one then I realized a Best Buy bag and then I saw it, the digital camera... my dh made me very happy at that moment because he finally surprised me.
So be for warned that you will be seeing lots of videos in the near future, I have to play with my new toy right?

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