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Saturday, May 19, 2007

2 months old


He is grown so fast, it seems faster then what Lil O grew. Ri goes for his 2month check up and 1st round of needles on May 25 (should be fun) I look at him and I am still yet amazed once again that I have another perfect healthy son... I am blessed.


Orion update:
What a little boy he is turning into. Talking more along with signing the words, I am so amazed at how fast he has been picking up on signing.
He signs and says;
Eat, milk, car, bus, shoes, ball, cat, dog, thank you, please, sleep, baby, more.... I know there is more he signs but I can't seem to think of them at the moment. I am trying to get videos of him signing as well.

He also seems to have a shoe fetish lately (I have a photo somewhere I will post later)

Orion will be intruduced to the potty this week


I seem to be falling behind on the photo department of Ri and then some, I need to organize myself better. I start one thing and then tend to wander off on to another without finishing the last then I end up with too many things on the go, which drives me crazy. Which leads me to join a group of bloggers called Tackle it Tuesdays, where I have to tackle one thing on a Tuesday I have to post a pic of the before and then a pic of it done.

I also joined a photo site called Photo Hunters, yes I seem to be adding more to my list of

Things I need to tackle:

~ Organize my E-bay selling stuff and move them to the basement.
~ Organize my scrap booking stuff and bring to the main floor (easier access for me so I can actually work on some pages....I hope)
~ Go thru my photos and select one to print (which is too many)
~ Clean out the basement
~ Clean Ri's and O's rooms (go thru there clothes)
~ The yard, pull weeds plant some flowers and what not.... (I am jealous of my neighbours yard... very jealous)
~ Clean the deck
~ Find out where I can dump our old T.V and microwave.

I am sure there is more

Well I need to go and pump... yup still doing that but I have cut down on it, slowly stopping.


Sue said...

Wow. I'm glad I came back to check out your blog. I saw your struggle with infertility. I'm an infertility survivor as well. I am so heartbroken for your struggle and mostly for your heartwrenching losses. Your video story of William's loss had me in tears. I can't imagine what you and your husband went through.

I'm so happy that you have 2 such beautiful boys. I see your boys are 18 months apart - my girls are 16 months apart. You will love to see them play together as they get older.

I'll be back.

♥♥♥ A- Licious ♥♥♥ said...

babies are such amazing blessings...mine is 8 months old and i just can not get enough of him....i so enjoyed your blog - visit anytime! :o)