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Saturday, May 05, 2007

If only I had my

Camera on me, because you had to be there to see it.

I took Lil O for his second Flu shot on Apr 30th and well it was like he new what was coming.
I was caring Ri and Lil O was walking next to me and as the Nurse walked around the corner Lil O grabbed my leg and started saying Noo no nooo. I said it is ok come with mommy and as we followed the nurse to her room Lil O was still saying Noo no nooooo, we get into the room I sit him on my lap and when the nurse said hi to him he started to cry and cling on to me (I was feeling bad at this point) so I hugged him close while he started to cry NO NOOO no. The nurse bought out the needle and Lil O got a bit of a glimpse of it and well he turned and was trying to climb me or he was trying to crawl into me. I had to hold his arms down and the Nurse also held his left arm down ( I too was a bit amazed at how long the needle itself was) I watched her put it in and it bent some (must be a flexible needle) and then it was over Lil O was not
(This is where the camera would of been nice to have) When we were walking out of the room into the waiting area Lil O was holding his arm walking with his head down somewhat and whispering see sniffle see sniffle see sniffle sniffle The others in the waiting area looked at him and I even felt the sympathy from them for

All was forgotten later on in the day.

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