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Friday, May 25, 2007

Ri needle update

2 month needle

The appointment was for 12:50pm. Dh took an hour off work to watch Lil O so I did not have to bring both boys with me (plus Lil O would of probably freaked, thinking he was back for another poke) .

Ri now weighs ~ 3.78kg (8lbs 5.5oz) he was 4lbs 2.2oz at birth
Height ~ 52cm (20.5inc) he was 16.5 inches at birth
Head Circum ~ 37.5cm

He is almost at the 50% for his adjusted age.

He was not to happy that he had to get naked, and just before I took the diaper off he left a
They weighed and measured him. I asked the nurse to look at his head because I thought that the one side was looking "flat" she said that it was just a bit and then asked me about his tummy time. Well tummy time is a bit hard with big bro running around and everytime I lay Ri on the floor Lil O wants to jump around his little bro's head if not that he throws his toys on Ri to play with or he wants to hug and kiss yank and pull. So the tummy time Ri gets is in his bassinette which I think he is tired of. The nurse said the head does not start to form hard till about 4months, I guess I need to really give him more tummy time no matter what.

The Nurse then pulled out the needles had me hold Ri in my lap facing out towards her and she took his skinny leg in her hand and squeezed it to be able to get the needles in (I am still amazed at how long they are) well he did scream and cry out for all three shots then as I went to cuddle him to me he queited right down and looked up at the wind chime she had, she was impressed witht that and said most 2m old do not notice the chime. We went and sat in the waiting area for the 15min waiting period after the needle. There was another mom there having here baby girl weighed and she was 15lbs (I thought she was about 4m old) well the mom commented on Ri and asked his age then I asked her about her DD and well her DD was 2m old aswell at 15lbs! Wow. She laughed and said she makes chunky monkeys.

Ri has been sleep pretty much of the time since we came home. So looks like he may take after his brother.... I hope.

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