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Wednesday, April 01, 2009


Facebook is something else I tell ya.

I had an ex-boyfriend find me and requested friendship and when I saw this...well some emotions popped up because you see this relationship ended badly police were called and he was taken away and I never saw him again till a few years later (I was 16yrs old). I came across him at his work but we never spoke to one another (I was still a bit angry and scared, not to mention the relationship I was in at that moment was not the greatest either...that's another story) I did not see or hear from him again till a few weeks ago when he requested to be friends on FB. I hummed and hawed but then thought it was many years ago we were young and well forgiveness is a powerful thing, so I accepted his friendship. We shared a couple of messages on how our lives are but never mentioned what happened that night. Till last night he sent me a message asking why did I accept him as a friend..... good question...

I wrote:
"Well to be honest I did think about it 1st before I accepted you as a friend, After thinking about it you really were not that bad it was just at the end of it all that things went sour. We were young and well I have grown past it all and hope you have too."

He responded back by saying he was sorry for what transpired that night. he has been regretting it for years and wishing for the chance to say sorry. He was happy for how my life is now and thanked me for the time we did share.

I was taken back almost to tears it is amazing even 20yrs after what happened.

I responded with a thank you.

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