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Saturday, April 25, 2009

15w 3day belly

I figure it was time I took a photo of the belly. Just a quick snap shot before I went out.

15wk 3day belly photo

and then the boys wanted in on it:

15w3d belly with boys

I still have not got the call to see Dr O (he followed my pg with the boys) it is kind of making me nervous but the clinic said if they do not call by the time I reach 19wks to call my family Dr to set up the 20wk u/s.


Lynanne said...

15 weeks already?! Wow!

Beautiful belly shots, btw!

pat said...

Yvette--I didn't know you were expecting! That is so exciting; and you have such a cute little baby bump. Will be keeping you in my prayers for a successful pregnancy.