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Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Oh Baby

all looks great! Nuchal scan went great chances of anything wrong are 1 in 1047 AWESOME!

Baby was moving and actually measures bigger then the 13w2d baby measures a week ahead.

The boys were watching the u/s and at 1st Lil O said that it looked scary and he did not like Ri was to concerned at what the lady was doing on my tummy, Gramma and Grandpa were in the room to.

My apt was for 1:30 I got there and sat and waited as usual then they called my name and some other took us into a little room to explain the Nuchal scan then we had to go back and sit in the waiting room for the blood test. Waited another 20min till I had my name called for the blood draw then back to the waiting room and waited was called again and the scan was great...guess what back to the waiting room for the results, by this time is was 3:10pm. 3:30 rolls around and no results yet I still had to go back to the fertility clinic and the closed at 4pm. I asked the girl at the desk if it would be much longer and that is when my name was called she took me back to go over everything again (2nd time a Dr already came into the u/s room) gave me the papers and I rushed over to the clinic to see Dr S...I get there and guess what we waited

Dr S calls me in and as I was walking with the boys all the nurses were admiring there big brown eyes and all. Dr S said as we sat down that I still amaze and surprise them all and goes over the results... She also said that if I wanted to do the amnio sine I am over 35 now I can and they do them around 15-18weeks...I don't think I want to do this since the odds are on my side.

Profile 13w2d


Lynanne said...

wow, look at the details! Such a sweet profile shot. It almost looks like Baby's hand is next to her/his face It is simply amazing how much changes in a couple weeks.

sara said...