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Monday, June 25, 2007

Why do I do this...

I belong to a photography group on line and someone posted a question about bereavement photography "now i lay me down to sleep" photos of babies that have died. The photographer goes and take the photos free of charge, precious memories for the parents. so I checked out the site knowing full well..... I bawled.
Dh came into the room and said whats wrong? I tried to tell him but I could not stop crying, I finally got it out. His response was don't show me, it is too hard. Then he said why do you do this?
Why do I do this... I don't know but something pulls me in that direction it is hard to explain, I kind of know the pain these parents feel.

The site was beautiful and so very touching.

I would do this if I could, maybe when my boys are older.......


Later that night I was watching TV while feeding Ri and well it was about a boy that was kidnapped and I started to cry yet again, dh looked at me and said "why do you do this to yourself" I said your right and changed the channel.... and hugged my baby close to me.

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