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Monday, June 18, 2007

Naughty spot

Yes that is right the naughty spot has begun....

For a couple of weeks I feel like the only conversation Lil O and I have is me saying "No", "Not A toy" "Don't touch that" NO..... It gets real tiring after awhile and I don't want just those words coming out of my mouth, KWIM. Plus he now says no no

So I was trying to think of what I could do after my 1,2,3 count (I don't like the spanking idea) and then it hit me a few nights ago while Supernanny was on (I have not seen this show for a while) the NAUGHTY SPOT...hmmmm I thought to myself. I started to look around my maid floor to think of the best naughty spot spot, which is beside the stairs going up and between the front door.

Then I put it to the test.....

I was cleaning and Lil O was wanting to touch the computer I told him no, don't touch that please, when he did it again I told him that is 1 ( he pulls his hands away) then he went for it again I said in a firmer voice O that is 2, If mommy has to tell you 3 you go to the Naughty spot. 2minutes go by he is just sitting there and then he reaches out and pushes the computer button and then looks at me... I said to him 3 to the naughty spot, mommy said not to touch and you did not listen. I took him to the spot sat him down and said you sit in the naughty spot for a minute because you did not listen and I walked away. He cried and got up and walked away I took him back sat him down and said you did not listen you stay in the naughty spot, then walked away again. He tried to walk away again I took him back without saying a word sat him down and walked away. And guess what he stayed he really stayed mind you e was crying his little head off but he stayed for the minute, then I went to him he gave me a hug and we went about our day.

The next day I used it again in the morning, I only had to put him in the spot once and he stayed crying, but for the rest of the day I never had to get to 3... can he really get it that fast. Most of the time when I'd say that's ONE he'd pull his hand back look at me and I'd say remember 3 means Naughty Spot and then he'd think about it a moment and move on to something YEAH.

Now I have to stick to my guns.

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