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Friday, June 08, 2007

Someone asked....

What were YOUR parents like.........?


They are divorced...and when he divorced her he divorced me too, walked away washed his hands of me. I feel like he left me because I chose to live with my mum, my 3 sisters stayed with him (I was 9yrs old) (yes I know the reason to which I will not get into)

My mum is a strong woman she did a lot for me and I mean a lot (I realize this more so now then when I was younger)

Out of my 3 older sisters only one now speaks to him, in the last 7 yrs he managed to push 2 of them away my oldest sis is still hanging on to him....why???.

When growing up all I remember is being afraid of him somewhat, why I don't know but I was. Maybe I will post more on this one day but I can say he never beat us yes I have had spankings but never beatings.

children...they...we...are so innocent, yet so affected.

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