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Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Well it finally happened (m)

Lil O fell down the stairs, DH and I never moved so fast.

I was in his room putting his clothes away dh was on the computer on the main floor. Lil O was upstairs with me. He kept walking to the stairs and laughing then he started to take his toy bus to the stairs he wanted to push it down the stairs, well instead of the bus just going he went with it. I heard the thump and I ran and he was hanging onto the step (he fell half way before he held on for life) He is fine all our hearts are beating just a bit faster at the

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Lynanne said...

oh dear! I think this has to happen to ever child at least once. My daughter did this too shortly after she learned to crawl. We even had a gate on the stairs but her brothers left it open. i saw her craw towards the stairs and just assumed it was closed. Luckily she fell on the basement stairs (carpeted) and not the other two because one has wood at the bottom and the other has tile. :(

what a relief that orion is ok!