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Tuesday, February 02, 2010

School Daze.....

Well today I took Lil O to register him for kindergarten.

He was all hyped up thinking he was going to go a build blocks and learn things (thanks to daddy) But I told him no we are just going to sign you up so when you turn 5 that is when you go to school. As we were leaving he started to think that I was going to drop him off and leave, again I had to explain to no we are just signing you up you are staying with mummy.

Get are coats of while Ri guy is screaming his head that he wants to come with and not stay with daddy.... As I got lil O into the van and buckled him in he announced that he did not want to do to school because his shy and shy boys don't go (lol, where do they come up with these things) So I said well lets just go look then.

We got to the school and Lil O sees the school park and says "ooo the school has a park...hmm...thats good" I then asked so does that mean you will go to school now? his response.... yeah I guess.

Get into the school go into the office and the lady comes to help and informs me that they copier is broken and wonders if I can come back tomorrow of the next day Friday they have off. As she was looking over the registration she see his b-day and mentions that I may want to wait another year. I asked why he'll be 5 you want me to start him when he turns 6? She said well some don't do so well when they are that age.....meanwhile I am thinking what are you trying to say lady..... I then mention to her that I think he is ready he keeps asking to go he knows how to count and says his ABC I am pretty sure I know that my son is ready.
So she says ok. SO I will be going back tomorrow or Thursday so the can copy the birth certificate.

As we were leaving I let Lil O peek in the school he saw the gym and asked what it was and I explained and he seemed to get excited about that. When we were walking to the van he said he wanted to stay, I then again had to explain why he can go yet (feeling like a broken record) when I tried to get him into the van he braced himself so I could not get him in and starting crying that he wanted to stay (geesh how many times do and will I have to explain this to Finally got him strap in and home ward bound.

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