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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Big boy bed vs Crib

I set up the big boy bed in Ri's room the other day showed him it, we sat on it put all the stuff toys in it and he said he'd sleep in it that night......well bed time rolls around and Ri decides no he says "I want to sleep in my cradle" he calls the crib a cradle why I have no clue. We even said that it was a big boy bed are you a big boy and his response "Yes, but I like my cradle" and starts to haul all the animals and pillow and blankets back to the crib.....I just thought fine I am not going to argue over it, it is what makes him comfortable right now plus we are still working on potty training so we will just stick to that right now. Potty training hmmm the boy is not following in his big brothers steps it only took me 3 days to train Lil O and well we are on a couple of weeks with Ri......every one is different.

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