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Tuesday, March 04, 2008

When he starts you can not stop him..

Lil O has picked up more words then I can count. He copies what I say even on the TV he copies and dances around when he gets it (good thing I do not swear, never have)

Ri well no crawling yet but he sure gets around doing the back scoot and rolling....Lil O is in trouble soon. Oh the fights that are soon to begin, well they have kind of started already. When Ri grabs a hold of Lil O's toys that he has parked in a row he throws a fit and either tries to drag Ri out of the way or bonk him on the head but mostly rolls him away. Yup sign of things to come and it only brings memories of my older sis J back she was not the nicest while growing up (I guess she did not like always having to watch me)

Ri has started whole milk and it seems to be going down pretty good.

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Lynanne said...

Sounds like my youngest two. Except when they start stealing toys from one another, Lil' K fights back by grabbing and biting. He's a brute, that's for sure!

I love this age even if it is exhausting sometimes. :)