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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Ri is ONE!

I can not get over how fast this year has gone by, my baby is one today.

He says Mama, Dada has started to do the army crawl and still rolls all over the place to get to where he wants.He thinks it is funny when he touches big Bro's toys that are all lined up perfectly and laughs when Lil O gets upset. I think I have t-r-o-u-b-l-e on my hands.

We went to the Dr yesterday for both boys:

We checked over Ri 1st because I knew Lil O would freak so by doing Ri 1st he'd see what was going on and not be to upset when it became his turn, he did great.
Ri's weight is 18 1/4 lbs, height is 75cm (22.5inches) his Birth weight ~ 1960 grams (4lbs 5.1oz), Length ~ 41.5cm (16.5inc)
The weigh scale scared him a bit when the Dr put him on it and moved the scale part of it. Other then that he did great.

Lil O's weight 28lbs, height is 95cm (28.5inches)
at birth he was
: 4lbs 3.5oz (1931g), length: 17 1/4 inches (45cm)


As for AF she is still MIA. I went to go for a blood test yesterday since I had to go for my thyroid check from my family Dr the Fertility Dr sent /faxed the lab for a pg test and do you think the lab could find I tried calling the Clinic a few times but all I got was the voice mail, got to LOVE voice I did not get the pg test. I started to spot a bit last night so I thought AF was coming but NOPE not here yet.

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