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Thursday, March 13, 2008

I have a copy cat

and he bringing attention to the things I don't realize that I do:
- Like standing with my hands on my hips (at 1st I did not know where he got that and then I caught myself.)
- Standing with my legs crossed (my mum does this too)
- saying "Stop it please" (Lil O repeats STOP IT often to Ri)
- No no no nooooo
- saying sonny boy or son (Lil O calls out mama mama I respond yes sonny boy or son)

The words just pour out his mouth so fast now that he amazes me.

The boys start swimming lesson on Sunday DH is actually coming with, he will go in with one of the boys most likely Ri because Lil O is all about the mama again. Today Lil O was crying over something and DH went in to see what was up and was hugging him, well when I walked into the room lil O pushed daddy aside and ran to


I have been pretty busy with photos lately, all edits done and I just finished one order and waiting for another order to come in. Sure can take up a lot of time.
I did received a compliment tho, DH saw the mom of the senior/grad photos I took of her son at one of the spa's he massages at and she said she was very happy with the photos and having a hard time picking and then the sister said "yeah they turned out really good my brother actually looks good" ah siblings.

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