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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Lil O was that kid...

who screamed and cried through out his swimming lesson.....

We started swimming lessons on Mar 16th and he wanted nothing to do with it. I thought maybe he wanted daddy so we switched (Ri's lesson was next) nope that did not work he wanted mama but did not want to swim. Everyone kept looking at us I felt but hey he is only 2 right.

When his lesson was done we sat and watch Ri with daddy and he was happily splashing away till daddy dunked him, he was not impressed and then daddy did it again oh let me tell he was fine after no more dunking.

Will we (lil O and I ) waited he played in the little wadding pool part and what do you know he was letting help him float on his back and front and he even blew bubbles...go figure right.

So this last Wednesday I went to the pool with both boys and granma (my mum) she held Ri will I tried (key ward TRIED) to work with Lil O, once again he did not want to do anything but play with the water that was spraying out of the pool. I just let him play and get used to the surroundings and hopefully he will start to cooperate more at lessons. Swimming lessons are every Sunday and I plan on going swimming every Wednesday at the parent & Tot pool time to get him use to the water.

Photo will follow when I get them back from granma's camera (auntie J was taking photos)

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