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Friday, June 26, 2009

Well Mr Si is growing well they say

u/s shows him healthy and my cervix long at 4. He is breach which explains all the jolts I have been getting through my cervix as he loves to pound on it. The Tech also said he has long legs.

24w3d Profile

Nose mouth cheek
24w3d nose mouth cheek

as I was making my next appoinment Ri fell face 1st into the little play station area and started to scream his head off so I went and picked him up not realizingg he actually did hurt himself till I saw the blood on my white top then the big swell of his jaw and watched as it change to a black purple colour.
Poor boy has bumps all over at the moment because a few days before that he was sitting at the table and fell off the chair and his forehead met the other chair then the floor.... this little man is giving mum a fright

The goose egg on his forehead
IMG_6301 Ri owie Jun 09

and the bruise on his jaw
IMG_6302 Ri owie Jun24 09

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