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Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Still closed

My cervix that is.

Had my 22wk check up today. I have to say the office was moving fast today I did not even have all the paper filled out when Dr O walked in, I said to him boys you all are fast He laughed said he will come back in a moment and let me finish up.

When he came back he said to so your back, in Dr S's referral she says your full of surprises. since your FSH was high you were not expected to get pg and yet here you are....with a big smile on his face. As we were going through my history again he paused and said you know you are in the 1% to have a abdominal ectopic like you had and went on to get pg on your own, carried further then we expected you to and now your having a baby when told you could not...... not many out there like you.

The only thing that I have not done to them is have and I do know a UU can carry twins.

So heart weight good (I did not get it) cervix closed baby moving. My blood presure is good

Next appointment is June 23 next u/s is June 25

The boys were so good through out the whole appointment even Dr O mentioned that they were well behaved today.

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