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Sunday, June 07, 2009

My pride

Well the other day before I put the boys down for a nap I said to Lil O "maybe when you wake up momma can take some photos of you?" his response "ok when I wake up" SO what was the 1st thing out of his mouth when he woke...."You gonna take pictures of me momma?" Yes my sweet boy I am. He did so good to my little poser and of course Ri got in on it to (I knew once he saw big bro doing it he'd want to too)

And this is a snapshot of Lil O helping Ri jump off the couch for the 1st time yesterday.
Lil O has a few saying he say quiet alot lately:

"Maybe next time"
"When I am bigger"
"things happen"
"In a moment" this is usually when he asks for something and starts of with "in a moment we can go out to the park...."

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Sujay said...

Cool shots...