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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Well hello AF

Yup looks like she found me, I had to take a double I had no that does not happen.

OMG that just means I am that much closer to TTC again........ I'm a little scared, I am ready to try again but scared of the unknown and I so hope the IVIG was not a fluke.

Well welcome CD1 gosh what memories does this bring

Next step is to call the Ffertility Clinic.


Stephanie, daniels_mommy said...

Congrats. And good luck. I am sure it was not a fluke. It will be a success again. Your little one is cute.

hopefloats said...

How exciting! TTC again! Yeah!

I am sure you will be blessed again-- I am thinking pink for you this time..

Good Luck TTC

I might see you at the clinic I start my cycling there March 27

Take Care and big hugs to you and your family