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Sunday, February 12, 2006

2 nights .....

Orion has slept in his room for 2 nights now or should I say it has been 2 nights that mommy has been able to sleep away from him... It is

The 1st night I put him in his room at 10:30pm he slept till 4am, I woke to him babbling to himself so I let him babble and he fell back to sleep then my baby monitor when alien like (freaked me out) I swear this Angel Care Monitor picks up everyone's baby monitor in the cul-de-sac I live on (4 babies under a year old). Orion woke again at 6am to eat.

The second night (last night) he went to bed at 11:30. Before I put him in his room I set up the old Fisher Price monitor plus the Angel Care monitor for the movement sensor fisher price for hearing him, this worked much better no alien like noises this time. I am not sure about the Angel Car monitor it gets so much interference but I like the movement sensor. Orion slept till 6am I went and got him brought him back to my bed and he slept till 8:30am. Another hurdle we or shall I say I have over Baby steps

Oh and I am pretty much done pumping I am down to one pump every other day or when I get very full, I feel guilty for stopping but with going back to TTC I have to stop. I do have a small stash in the freezer but not as much as I wanted. ...... I will get over it, this is just another step right?


Tammy said...

Hey Yvette... I haven't made it to the blogs in awhile. Alot going on in your life. I so understand the struggle to let Orion sleep in his own room. We didn't move Bug til she was nearly six months old. Now, the big thing is getting her off her milk bottles. I really think it is more about her Mommy and my need to be close to her during those times. I want her to stay my baby...potty training and drinking from a cup mean she's becoming a big girl.

You know you are in my prayers as you start TTC again. I am hoping with all I got that it goes smoothly and quickly for all your sakes...

Cindy D said...

Wow he is doing great! Youve got me beat on having him sleep so long. Good luck w/ ttc again. Praying for a fast bfp!! :o)

Stephanie, daniels_mommy said...

I haven't been out and about for a long time.

WOW. Congadulations on the little boy!!!! I am so happy for you.

My little one is now 1yr and I found myself pg again. SO I had to stop breastfeeding him earlier than I wanted. It was so hard. I know how you feel. I didn't want to give it up.