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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Snort snort....

I have never heard a baby snort so or I have never noticed, do they all snort?
I need to tape

I have been blessed with a good happy baby (so far) the only times Orion cries is when I/we change him ( seem he does not really like his but, that will change in time won't it) or we don't get his food fast enough.

I am a Image hosted by (proud Exclusive Pumper, EP) Orion was just not catching on to feeding at the breast so in order for him to get my breast milk is to pump for him. I will say it is not easy to pump every 3hrs but a mommy's got to do what a mommy's got to do, right. You need to pump for at least 20min for each breast so that means I would pump for 40 minutes till today my Pump in Style (double breast pump) arrived to day...yippee. I bid for it on e-bay and was the higher bidder this pump normally sales for almost $400.00 here I got it for $72.00 including shipping ( gotta love E-bay) so now I only pump for 20min ( I have 20 min of my life back. In the beginning I was only a bottle ahead of him now I am like a day and a half ahead. I can't wait till I get more ahead because you can freeze breast milk up to 7months in the deep freezer and since we will be TTC (Trying To Conceive) again in March I will not be able to "breastfeed" Orion (I will be back on the meds & IVIG) so I hope to have enough saved up for him that he can still have breast milk after March.

I am proud to say my little man is gaining weight he must weigh almost 8lbs now. His cheeks are getting chubby and his little legs are showing some meat on them not just looking like skin only. Well time for his 3am feeding.

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