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Saturday, November 19, 2005

Orion's 1st needle

for Diphtheria, Tetanus, Pertussis, Polio, Hib, Pheumococcal Vaccine & Meningococcal Conjugate Vaccine all that in three little needles, two in his left leg one in his right. All that in his little legs.

When I got to the clinic, (I was late because I got lost, and the place is just down the street as I found out) I had to feed Orion (3pm) so she took me into the staff room so I could feed him. When he was done eating they had me go into an open room with other parents and told me to take off his clothes leave his diaper on. So I did so and stood there with my naked baby in my arms (at least they had it warm in there) Orion was comfy. The nurse came out and looked at me and said this must be Orion since he is the only little babe here. She had me put him on the weigh scale she took his diaper off (all I could think was pleeease don't pee) and he was a whooping 7lbs 15oz (3.6kilos) up 40z from Wed. appointment(he didn't pee). Then she had me hold his head up against the frame so she could measure him without him wiggling down. he was/is 21inches (53.5cm) his head measured 38cm. He is in the 25% for weight, 50% for length and 70% for head.

Then came out the needles. The nurse and I spoke while she put the right dose in for him, we discovered that we both go to the same fertility Dr. and spoke of our infertility some. (it is amazing how people open up to you when your open about it all)
Now come the needles she takes Orion's leg as I am holding him while he sucks his soother she pinches up his skin then POKE little man jumps and whimpers then quiets down, then she does it again and again he jumps and cries a little this time then we switch him to do the other leg she does the same thing only this time he jumps and cries out loud longer and holds his breathe, Nurse says they save the last needle for a reason it stings. Poor little man still holding his breathe we ring a bell to see if that makes him breathe, nope does not work so I take his soother and rub it against his gums and shushed him and that worked. As a dress him he whimpers some then is quiet. Then mommy goes and gets her flu shot (my 1st one ever) nurse said would be best if I got it since Orion is only 2months old and a preemie at that so I did it.

Orion is asleep right now he whimpers here and there a bit we try not to move him to much since it hurts him but so far he is doing well. A tough little man I have.

We do this all over again when he is 4months, 6months, 1yr, 18months then Pre-school.

Well time for his 9pm feeding.

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