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Saturday, November 12, 2005

2 months already!!

I have heard people say it goes fast but I did not think that fast, Orion is 2months today, he is just got out of his preemie clothes. WE or shall I say he has a Dr appt on Wed I think he weights about 8lbs then he goes for the 1st needle on Saturday, not sure how I am going to take it. Needles don't bother me but they are putting it into my baby will it bother him then it may bother


Anonymous said...

So nice to keep seeing new pictures of him since we can't see him in person. Mum is wondering when you will show pictures of your mum holding him! Hope the needles go well, often harder on mummy than baby!

firex4icex said...

Orion is beautiful.
God Bless.
Beautiful blog as well, very well done.