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Friday, April 29, 2011

A visit from the tooth fairy is soon to be

Lil O has his 1st loose tooth. He was complaining earlier that he teeth hurt, I did not think much of it till at bed time while brushing his teeth, when I got to his bottom teeth he jumped back and said owie so I took the floss stick and started check and there it was the front bottom left tooth gave a little wiggle (surprised me, since I was not excepting that). I said ok look you have a loose tooth he was like what, what do you mean and then I saw that light go off in his head and a big ole smile spread across his face and said.....the tooth fairy is going to come to me mom. He then looked in the mirror to see it wiggle then he giggled before running off to tell his younger brother, I heard him say" I have a loose tooth Ri and guess what the tooth fairy is going to come and leave me coin under my pillow when it comes out, but not to you yet your still little."

 Lil O

I can not believe how grown up he is looking I see a glimpse of the teenager he will become. He is sporting the shave his dad gave him. side view coming soon.

Before all the mentioned above:

Today when I dropped lil O off at school he got upset because he did not see any class mates but I still sent him in (the snow was blowing and it was cold) I did not think much of it till I started to drive home and sure enough when I pulled into the garage hubby peeked out the door and looked into the van and I was thinking to myself is there no class today. I get inside and hubby asks wheres lil O? I'm like at school, he was like um he has no school today (I must of looked at him funny because he said I am serious they called you need to go get him. I was out that door fast and I felt so guilty as I got to the school his teacher Mr T saw me as he was loading the afternoon kindergartens for there Zoo day (yes the snow was still blowing) we laughed and he said it happens and the weather is not helping either. Into the office I go and there is my boy sitting and waiting for me, I gave him a hug and kiss and said sorry little man. He said it is ok mom, when Mr T saw me crying in the hall he ran to me fast and said it is ok we will call your mom. (boy that made me feel little). 

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