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Monday, April 25, 2011

Oop did it again

I keep neglecting my blog...bad bad blogger.  I use to be so good till I joined Facebook.

Well the boys are growing like little weeds that they are and with it some serious attitude too.

Lil O is on the kick of saying "I don't care" when I threaten to take something away when his is being bad so right now he is on day 4 of 6 of not being able to play Lego Starwars on the Xbox. He keeps trying tho by saying I have been good so can I play.

Ri now on the other hand says "Don't talk to me" or " Don't see me" when I catch him not behaving well even better he will say "I'm Boring hmm " and stomps off (Not quiet sure where or what he means by that calling himself boring) 

and the littlest man Si still not talking to much or we don't understand his language :) but I do see some attitude coming through for instance when he gets a hold of something he should not have, when I approach him and he sees me coming he will turn and throw it in the other direction (the boy has a good throw too, impressive) and for some reason LOVES my computer so I have to jimmy the chair and hide the mouse when I am not using it (he has almost purchase a 300.00 doll on ebay once, caught him in time tho and who knows how he got on to ebay in the 1st place)

I also finally moved the 2 older boys into the same room and it went way easier the I thought it would. I waited a few days before I moved Si out of my room into Ri's old room and everything is going smoothly surprisingly.

Photos coming

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