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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Say it is not so....please NOOOOOO

I want to cry and smack myself at the same time, my external is dead I am told. All my boys photos were on it some transfered to another but I have none of Si's stuff. I am kicking myself I am ticked. I hope some program or another company may be able to recover it but it will cost. Geesh what an expensive few months. Oh & I have to re-edit the photos I just did thankfully they are still on the compact flash cards.

I just replaced my computer because it died I get it back and the next day my external dies I am sick to my stomach, I should of known better to back up everything right away...lesson learned. 
Looking into a Mozy account know.

I spent $500 on orthotics  
Spent almost $400 on the cat vet.
Dh had to spent $200
My computer was almost $700.
and I am told it could cost up to $1000.00 to recover the external drive....this sucks!

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