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Friday, September 10, 2010

What a hard bittersweet day

I was call to take photos of a little baby that has passed yesterday. Baby L was only 48days on earth....Looks like SIDS. So sad I cried when I 1st went in and cried at the end. The mom asked how I was able to go thru my losses..that question took me back, I did not realize her Grandma told her of my past, my response was...step by step, minute by minute, day by day, you never forget.

Just like the pastor said one day you will carry this and it will not carry you.

But of course my losses were not quite the same don't get me wrong a loss of a baby at any time or stage is the hardest thing to have happen but I just can not imagine to have gotten to know my child, feed, touch, hold, kiss, smell and then it is all gone....oh how my heart aches, my world would crumble around me.

I hope baby L is at peace and may he find some friends in Heaven.

on the bittersweet side of it, my Si guy turned 1 today.


Anonymous said...

some times life teach us be ready one day u have to like that way

K77 said...

So sad. I'm glad you were able to help give the family some beautiful photos of their baby.

Happy birthday to Si!