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Saturday, May 29, 2010

If only I was a better


I am terrible at planing meals and my boys are terrible at eating. I feel like a failure in this department.
I just don't know where to start, I want to eat healthier and I want them to eat healthier but it is kind of hard when they won't try it (well Ri will try most things lil O won't) 

As dh was putting lil O to bed last night (I was feeding Si) Lil O said to him that he does not like some things I make that is why he does not eat it. (apparently he started to gag) when dh came down and told me this I felt like a failure...a failure in cooking and a failure as a mom.

I seriously do not know what to cook for them when one is so picky (even tho he promised dad he'd try more things....I know he won't) Where to start and what to do.  They do like fish and well that is the one thing I do not like. 

I need to start planing healthier meals and cooking them but when I am the only one to eat them I kind of don't feel like cooking ya know. and to add to it all dh has stopped eating many things like wheat, milk, and other things....which makes it hard to cook for him....I want to pull my hair out, it is so frustrating.

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sara said...

It's so hard to cook for picky eaters and to be healthy. Brynn used to eat almost anything, including veggies. Now each day she gets pickier and I hate just feeding her unhealthy stuff. I need to do some more research for interesting recipes that she might dig. You shouldn't feel like a failure just because Lil O didn't want it. YOu're far from a failure, you do a great job!